Active since 1993, Denge Kimiya is one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers in design and production of textile auxiliaries

Denge Kimiya has a2019 Star Certificate for the EFQM excellence model. Providing input to the construction chemicals industry with its Densurf line, the Company has become THOR’s authorize dealer for Turkey IN 2019. Joining forces with THOR, the leader in flame retardants, Denge Kimiya provides technical support to its customers

Denge Kimiya operates in multiple countries globally. Directly or through its dealerships in Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh and Peru, Denge connects with customers and partners alike with advanced solutions

Our Research and Development Center has been recognized as one of the top 20 R&D centers in Turkey. It has been the origin of 13 projects that have been supported and funded by accredited governmental foundations. Furthermore, there have been multiple patent applications originating from the center

شرکت دنگه کیمیا

Denge Kimiya’s products are categorized as follow:

Textile Chemicals:

  • Finishing Chemicals
  • Printing Chemicals
  • Dyeing Auxiliaries
  • Denim Chemicals
  • Coating Chemicals
  • Pre- finishing Chemicals
  • Textile Purification Chemicals

Dye and Coating Chemicals

  • Dye, Ink and Composite
  • Leather Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Polyurethane Additives