Kohan Soft Rais Silicone Softner

نرمکن سیلیکونی


Physical properties

Chemical Structure: Nonionic

Appearance: White colored fluid liquid

Solubility: Soluble in water

pH: 5.0 – 7.5

Stability: 9 months in original drums


General Properties

  • Gives stable emulsions even in hard water.
  • Provides uniform raising effect.
  • Dose not cause yellowing in whites and light colors.
  • It is the most suitable raising oil because it is both affordable and highly effective.
  • Efficient raising is achieved even with very little passage.
  • Increases the efficiency of raising machines.
  • Raises the life of raising wires.


Fields of Application

  • Kohan Soft Rais is used by dissolving in water.
  • 40-100 g/lit according to the weight of fabric in foulard applications.
  • 4-10% for exhaust.



Supplied in 120 kg plastic drums and 1100 kg IBC containers.

کاتالوگ محصول

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