Special Oxidizing Agent

Ionic structure : Anionic

Appearance : Light yellow granule

Solubility : It dissolves in water

PH (1% sol.) : 7-9

Stability : 2 years in its original packages. It should be stored in a cool place and keep away from direct sunligh


General Properties

LUDIGOL KN is used as an antioxidant in exhaust and padding applications

LUDIGOL KN increases dye efficiency by reducing the effect of various oxidizing agents during dyeing

LUDIGOL KN provides a more clear prints for dark coloured fabrics in the discharge printing process

LUDIGOL KN increases dye efficiency during printing by reducing the effect of various oxidizers

on reactive and dispers printing paste

Quantities to Be Used

Exhaust : %0.3 – 1.0

Pad-batch applications : 5-10g/l

In the discharge- printing paste : 10g/l

Reactive printing paste : 5-10 g/kg


LUDIGOL KN is supplied in 25 kilo packages

Safe Use and Handling

The usual precautions in handling chemicals should be observed and it is recommended that operators should wear goggles and gloves when handling the concentrated product. In case of contact with skin or eyes contact areas should be immediately washed with plenty of water . Immediately seek for medical assistance of a doctor if necessary.

PH(محلول 1%)



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