PTE Synthetic Thickener

Appearance : White liquid

Composition : Dispersions of acrylic polymers

Solid Content : 72%

Ionic structure : Anionic

pH : 6-7

Solubility : Easily soluble in water

lt is a kind of high performance printing thickener with high concentration developed purposely for textile pigment printing

 Applicable for printing on cotton, polyester or blended fabrics

Applicable for different printing technique on flat screen, rotary screen, roller, handy screen etc. with Free screen blocking problem

Excellent anti-electrolyte property, compatible with most kinds of printing binders

۲ %- ۱.۲ %

 depending on the binder, pigment paste and other additives

Shelf life is 1 year in its original drums under 25ºC

165kg plastic drum


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