Alginate printing paste developed for reactive printing

Appearance : Cream-brown powder

PH : 7

Viscosity (1%) : 540 mpas

SODIUM ALGINATE K500 can be used of its pure form for single-phase reactive printing; also it is suitable for all printing techniques and all fixation process. This product gives very high color yield and sharp and level prints and it can be added to printing paste directly

Preparation of the stock paste

2-3gr SODIUM ALGINATE K500 for 100 gr printing paste mixture will be enough to obtain reasonable viscosity. After adjusting alkali, urea and oxidizing agent, you can add water while stirring up to 1 lit then mix till 3-4 hours to complete swelling, after that the paste will be ready to use

Recommended recipe for cotton

SODIUM ALGINATE K500             20 gr/kg

Urea                                          100 gr/kg

Sodium bicarbonate                      35 gr/kg

Ludigol KN                                    10 gr/kg

Soda ash                                       5 gr/kg

Time of fixation has been done for 7-12 min in saturated steam 105 C Temp

Process of removal from fabric

First bath     : neutralizing with acetic acid and cold water

Second bath : 1 g/l DENRAW NBP 75°C

Third bath    : 1 g/l BLUE WASH 60°C

Forth bath    : cold water


SODIUM ALGINATE K500 is supplied in 25 kilo bags


Cream-brown powder



Viscosity (1%)

540 mpas


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