TAJ PRINT HVS-8 Tamarin (Natural Thickener)

TAJ PRINT HVS 8 is high DS value Starch and normally used in blend with tamarind base product to enhance the brightness of the color in polyester printing with high temperature steam fixation .

Constitution : Carboxy Methyl Starch Derivative

Appearance : Off White powder

Ionic Nature :  Anionic

pH of 8 % solution :  10.0 -12.0

Moisture :  ≤ 10%

Viscosity of 8 % solution : 25,000 cps – 30,000 cps

Solubility : Easily soluble in cold water

Compatibility : Compatible with most of the chemicals normally used in textile printings. It is not advisable to mix the product with gum Arabic and Crystal gum. It coagulates with borate and tannin

Other advantages : Excellent flow properties, good color yield, Better washing off properties, Eco-friendly


TAJPRINT HVS 8 gives an excellent printing result on Polyester fabric by use of Disperse dyes and with high temperature steam fixation method Due to better flow property, this product works well in Flatbed and Rotary screen-printing machines .

This is also used in Vat discharge printing along with Guar Gum derivative products, with Alginate for reactive printing to down the cost and also used in Acid dye printing on Nylon fabric in blend with Guar base products .

This is being alkali stable product, it’s also used in polyester burnout printing by use of sodium Hydroxide at high temperature. Normally, Polyester blanket type fabric used for this type of applications .

Preparation Method

In a well cleaned container, take 92 liters of good quality water. Add 8.0 kg powder in constant stirring conditions. Continue the stirring for next 25-30 min, till to get uniform paste. Keep the paste for next 4-6 hours for proper swelling of the paste. Using warm water will reduce the swelling time and stock solution will be ready within short time Stir the stock solution well before taking it for actual use . Recommended Process for discharge printing :

  • Stock solution of HVS – 8(8%) 60-70%
  • Sodium Hydroxide (100% flakes) 30%
  • Water : 0-10%

Wash as usual or only with hot water- multiple wash till clear Neutralize with acetic Acid then Dry .

Note: The suitable 100%polyester fabric for this process is Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) is used to get a good burnout effect. the Fully Drawn Yarn type (FDY) fabric is difficult to burnout

Packing and Shelf life

25.0kg white/brown paper bag with one PE liner inside. In the powder form, the product is well stable for long period if stored in cool, dry and clean condition. However, being a natural base product, viscosity may start degrading after 6 months .

Other advantages

Excellent flow properties, good color yield, Better washing off properties, Eco-friendly


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