About Us

Kohan Taj Kimiya is a commercial manufacturing company that was established in Iran in 2011, because of the rise within the demand and wishes of customers in the supply chain and with the spirit of development in the founders of the complex.

Initially, the corporation’s activity has been concerned in importing chemicals and dyestuff, however with Iranian and foreign knowledgeable technical experts, it began manufacturing a large amount of chemicals for textile and water industry, wastewater and paper industry in 2015.

The structure of Kohan Taj Kimiya is based on young colleagues with a teamwork mindset, but based mostly on business experiences, and the policy of its members and shareholders are based on support, authenticity and trust.One of the main goals of the corporate is to provide high quality merchandise with the assistance of world-class technology and justly price, which is achieved through the managerial information system and also the necessary investments to satisfy the market needs.

Our business partners are active in the field of chemicals, dyestuff, machinery, electron supplies and automation in textile systems that have been able to create a special contribution for themselves in the industry, with the usage of technical knowledge and modern technology.

We assure that by timely assortment as well as analysis of correct info on market standing and expectations, also with the useful and complete presentation about the products, we will give technical services along with support in every aspect for our customers.

Finally, we hope to form a great opportunity for industrial estates in the region to have an excellent performance in the textile production and different industries.

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  • Production unit in 1399

  • Research and Development Team 1399

  • Sales team in 1399

  • Dynamic Communication Workshop 1398

  • Twenty-fifth Iran Tex International Exhibition - Dena Booth in 1398

  • Twenty-fifth Iran Tex International Exhibition - Afeh Booth in 1398

  • 1397



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Our Team

Rasuol Faghidno

Chief Executive Officer

Hassan Faghidno

Deputy Chairman

Younes Faghidno

Chairman of the Board

Nasim Heshmati

Deputy CEO

Administrative Manager

Jaleh Faghidno

Accounting Manager

Treasury Boss

Majid Amini

Sales Manager


Ehsan Dehnavi

R&D Manager

Factory Manager

Sepideh Alidoust

Accounting Boss


Leila Nouri

Textile Laboratory Boss

Technical Assistant

Shima Abbasy

International logistics Expert

IT Expert

Farzaneh Saeb

Textile And High Tech Sales Expert

Solmaz Gezvani

Sales Accounting Expert


Farhad Talebi

 Logistics And Central Stock Supervisor

Aylar Arif

Advertising Expert

Public Relations( PR) Expert

Farahnaz Bozorgpour

 Textile Sales Expert


Mona Hedayati

 Textile Sales Expert

Zeynab Ahsani

R&D Supervisor

Mona Shekari

Accounting Expert

Elnaz Nabavi

Accounting Expert

Taleb Sattari


Fatemeh Zohuri

Logistics Officer

Esmaeil TomarKhani

Production Planner

Akbar Eslami

Logistics and Stock Officer

Ahmad Ebadi

Production Operator

Saeeid Sharifiyan

Central Stock Clerck and Technician

Mohamaad Ali Moghanlo

Production Associate