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Eliar Elektronik San. A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1984. It has strengthened Turkish industry and economy with many devices, systems and software for sectors such as textile finishing, glass, insulation, ceramics and chemistry, and has made important contributions to automation of industrial sectors with its R&D studies since its establishment.

Eliar has developed liquid and powder chemical weighing and dispensing systems, and thanks to the control devices and automation software, it has delivered projects that integrate with the fabric, yarn dyeing and garment washing machines and the entire factory, ultimately enabling full automatic control and recording of the entire dyeing process. With the central monitoring, planning and reporting software it has developed, Eliar delivers integrated systems from the processing machine level to the factory management level. Today, control devices and integrated automatic dosing systems designed and manufactured by Eliar are in use in Turkey as well as many other regions.



شرکت الیار - eliar endustry
ELIAR ENDUSTRY - شرکت الیار
ELIAR ENDUSTRY - شرکت الیار
شرکت الیار
شرکت الیار
شرکت الیار - ELIAR INDUSTRY
شرکت الیار



Full Automatic Powder Mineral Automation System


Full Automatic Liquid Chemical Automation System


Powder Dyestuff Automation System


Powder Dyestuff Weighing And Storage System