EFFE Industry automation A.S. provides innovative and sustainable solutions in textile industry for enterprises that have wide range of manufacturing activities from spinning to garment in order to get them provide high value added goods and services in competitive market conditions and minimize their manufacturing cost. Thanks to its state of art and user friendly solutions for end user customers domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers and its experience in machine manufacturing, EFFE Industry automation A.S., has become one of Turkey’s and the World’s leading machine and machine accessories manufacturer in short time. While units and equipment manufactured by EFFE can be used as individual solutions, the equipment can also be used as improvement, development and modification applications on various machines. Especially, thanks to Stenter, Drying, Compacting and Printing machine modification applications, an increase in production and quality is achieved while reducing energy costs
EFFE Industry automation A.S. has the vision of designing, developing and manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment which has not been designed or manufactured before in Turkey or in the World that might be needed by customers and other machinery manufacturers. EFFE implements various projects to lift the machinery technology in Turkey to the highest level possible by carrying out R&D projects with machinery and equipment manufacturers in di_erent industries and end users of these machines and with contributions of various multinational companies. As of April 2016, EFFE Industry automation A.S. continues its activities in its new and modern manufacturing plant with high technological investments in order to produce new R&D projects, improve the product and service quality that it provides to its customers with di_erent machine designs and a wide range of products and is on its way to become one the leaders in the market


ROTA SIZDIRMAZLIK ELEMANLARI, which has been established in 2005, thanks to its successful background and immutable principles has become an effective leader in sealing system

Since the firm establishment, Rota Sızdırmalık Elementary has grown each passing day due to maintain the high quality of products and its efforts. At the same time, they have been adhering to their immutable principals which are stable quality, good services, precious delivery time and reasonable prices

“The sustainability and success in production is based on the honesty and quality in service.” Rotaseal is thankful of costumer’s attention and support; As today, they will continue to provide you by their best services


Eliar Elektronik San. A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1984

It has strengthened Turkish industry and economy with many devices, systems and software for sectors such as textile finishing, glass, insulation, ceramics and chemistry, and has made important contributions to automation of industrial sectors with its R&D studies since its establishment

Industrial automation activities, which started with the production of automation systems for glass factories in 1984, continue with the batch plant systems developed for the glass, building chemical, insulation and ceramic industries in Turkey and also abroad

By the end of the 80s, Eliar started to serve the textile industry by producing machine control devices. The advanced “batch” control devices designed and manufactured by Eliar for fabric and yarn dyeing as well as garment washing machines automation started to be used in Turkey and abroad since 1989

Since 1996, the textile industry focus has been expanded and Eliar has started to work on mechatronic weighing and dosing systems. Eliar has developed liquid and powder chemical weighing and dispensing systems, and thanks to the control devices and automation software, it has delivered projects that integrate with the fabric, yarn dyeing and garment washing machines and the entire factory, ultimately enabling full automatic control and recording of the entire dyeing process

With the central monitoring, planning and reporting software it has developed, Eliar delivers integrated systems from the processing machine level to the factory management level

Today, control devices and integrated automatic dosing systems designed and manufactured by Eliar are in use in Turkey as well as many other regions such as Far East, Europe, North – Central and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa