HIGH CLEAN KT100 Reduction Powder

Strong reducing agent for reduction clearing, stripping, cleaning of dyeing, machines and removal of residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching.



White Powder


HIGH CLEAN KT100 is a highly active reducing agent which has the following advantages compared with sodium hydrosulfite

HIGH CLEAN KT100 has less usage amount

HIGH CLEAN KT100 has greater stability to hydrolysis

HIGH CLEAN KT100 prevent bleeding problems in disperse printing

Also, In alkali sodium hydrosulfite and zinc sulfoxylate baths, the reduction potential of the system falls to 40%-60% as the length of time increases

However, with HIGH CLEAN KT100, the system is far more stable up to 80%

HIGH CLEAN KT100 is compatible with non-ionic and anionic dispersing agents which may be added to the reduction clean bath


Reduction CleaningReduction Cleaning should be performed after dyeing of polyester and polyester blended yarns of fabrics to improve rub and wet fastness propertiesNormal recipe0.7 – 1.0 g/l HIGH CLEAN KT100

3.0-4.0 g/l alkali

85-90°C 20 minutes

Stripping of disperse and reactive dyesFor materials which are either unleveled or off-shade and have been dyed with direct, reactive and disperse dyes which are capable of being reduced in alkali conditions, HIGH CLEAN KT100 can be used for leveling and stripping at a level of 0.2-0.6 g/l at 85°C for 20-30 minutes
Complete stripping of disperse and reactive dyesTo achieve satisfactory stripping of disperse dyed polyester fibers; it is essential to treat the goods at 95-130°C along with a suitable carrier
Machine CleaningAt regular intervals, it is essential to “boil out” dyeing machines, especially those used for hightemperature dyeing of polyester. The inside of the machine can become coated with oligomer and tarred dyestuffs due to continuous use:Less dirtiness


1g/l Caustic flake

:Heavy dirtiness


3g/ l Caustic flake

The machine should run with a guide fabric and full of bath liquor at 130°C for 30 minutes

In non-fully flooded jet machines, or where oligomer contamination is a serious problem, it is

recommended to add a foaming- emulsifying agent such as wash 5 to the bath

Removal of residual hydrogen peroxideAfter the bleaching of cotton and cotton blends with hydrogen peroxide, it is essential to removeresidues of peroxide prior to dyeing with direct, reactive or vat dyes. This shortens lengthy rinses in hot and cold water and eliminates the use of hydrosulfite and met bisulfite.To reduce the cost and time of this process, it is recommended to add HIGH CLEAN KT100 to the spent bleach bath before dropping at 80-85 °C and circulate for 5-10 minutes. The bath is then dropped and the material rinsed

Generally, 0.2 g/l HIGH CLEAN KT100 is sufficient to eliminate 1 cc/l 35% hydrogen peroxide

Bleaching of polyamide fibersHIGH CLEAN KT100 can be used for the alkali reductive bleaching of polyamide fibers. A level of 0.6 g/l is recommended at 85-90 °C for 20-30 minutes


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