• Fully automated, reliable and economical dyeing of textiles
  • Configurable to all kinds of dyeing machines and processes
  • Easy adaptability
  • State of the art Eliar software powered by the most robust operating system: LINUX
  • Intel® Atom™ based processor
  • Allows remote assistance and technical support over internet with the help of powerful network connectivity
  • Fast and reliable data acquisition and control via ELIAR PLCS or ELIAR smart I/O devices

Archiving, backup and maintenance

  • Archiving of last 3 months of alarms, temperature, level and cycle time values
  • Water consumption reports
  • Electric consumption reports
  • Theoretical steam consumption reports
  • USB flash disk usage and backup feature of configuration and processes
  • Internet access and software version upgrade

Multi language

  • Turkish, English, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and all other languages
  • Runtime language switching

Teleskop® Central Supervisory and Control software

  • 100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • Starting ready to run processes which are uploaded from Teleskop
  • Fully automatic handling of online chemical
  • and dyestuff requests to automatic dispensers

PC software utilities

  • Configuration Management Utility
  • Configuration Backup Utility
  • Excel Report Utility
  • Machine diagram configuration software
  • Version upgrade tool

Easy usage and monitoring

  • Color graphical user interface and the interactive machine monitoring
  • User changeable information on the screen
  • Machine diagram
  • Real-time temperature and level graphics, comparison with the theoretical values
  • Real-time “tours – tour time” chart
  • Maintenance periods management of machine equipment
  • Reason insertion for manual intervention
  • Reason insertion for idle machine
  • Alarm management and alerts
  • Manual intervention capability
  • Connecting to T 710 as remote desktop
  • Working as a Field Data Acquisiton Unit
  • Open device configuration with password protection

Dyeing, drying and rinsing process functions

  • Fabric dyeing, drying, rinsing, package dyeing, drying, rinsing functions
  • More than 80 built in process functions for textile
  • Easy adding of new functions based on machine and process properties

Optimization and accelerator features

  • Flexible process programs with the help of formulas as command parameters
  • Automatic calculation of command parameters by “batch start parameters”
  • 15 parallel commands execution in a single step
  • Definition of machine constants and timer constants, faster machine installation
  • Coupling of 6 machines
  • Automatic fabric speed calculation and cycle time calculation, cycle count based process
  • Starting of prepared processes which are previously planned and uploaded to the controller

User management

  • Multi user support” Access rights management
  • Password protected log in and log out


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